The 2011 Halifax Game Jam was a raging success. Over the course of 48 largely sleepless hours, more than 50 participants produced 9 full, working, awesome games.

The theme this year was Cartoon Demolition Animals. Some chose to ignore the theme all together, but most games took this theme in interesting directions.

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Best in Producing a Polished Fun Game. Best in Getting Sleep While Finishing Early - Honeymoon Space Academy Two

Andrew Shouldice
Tom Cooper
Allan Lavell
Alex MacCaull

OSX/Windows Downloadable

Best in Destructable Terrain - Raccoontra

Jason Doucette
Matthew Doucette
Wayne Muise
John Hughes
Dan Levy
Elliott Davis
Guillaume Richard

Windows Downloadable
XNA Framework 4.0

Best Homage to Shadow of the Colossus. Honorary Think of the Children Award - Wuzzley Boom

Miriam Gibson
Petar Markovich
AJ Morales
Tom Murray

Special Thanks:
Adam Capone

OSX Downloadable

Best in Bullet Camera Design. Best in Kitteh Genetic Simulation - Rockats

Matthew Jewkes
Harrison Clarke
Real O'Neil
Shaun Brooks
Tony Christopher
Bonny Morgan
Spencer Morgan

PC/Mac Download

Best in Marine Minesweeping. Best iPad to WebPlayer Conversion - DolphinFace

Kimberley Hansen
Chris Pauley
Samantha Cohen-Smith
Clifford Roche
Steve Vermeulen
Vincent Fellows
Alan Jernigan

Play Online!
Unity Webplayer Download

Best in Love. Best in Sharks With Frikken Missile Launchers. - Revenge of the Clownfish

Alexander Szpakowski
Guillaume Richard
Emilien Richard

Windows Download
Mac Download

Best in Reducing Crowd to Laughter. Best in Incomplete Complete Voice-Overs - Animal Calamity

Devin Horsman
Peter Schnare
Paul Pettipas
Gino Collins
Galen Conroy
Courtney Johnson
Alex Nunes
Real O'Neil
Hamish Lambert
Michelle Lannen
Jason Pouliot

Windows Downloadable

Awaiting Final Submission

Best in Classic Gameplay. Best in First Game Ever Produced By Developer - Java Co-Op Particle Shooter

Best Getting the Crowd to Cheer Squirrel Carnage - Picnic Panic

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