The 2012 Halifax Game Jam was a raging success. Over the course of 48 largely sleepless hours, more than 50 participants produced awesome games.

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Best in board games - Ticket to Jam

Sam Fraser
Julie Hall
Tracey Pelham
Julianne Harnish
Angelina Apple Blossom
Peter Schnare

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Best in cold blooded sword battles - Armored lizard sword battle simulator

Tom Cooper
Matthew Jewkes
Elliott Davis

Windows/Mac Download

Best in lion fighting - KPingaPong

Concept: Gavin Crawford, Jay States
Art: Courtney Johnson
Music: Chris Pauley, Jay States, Jericoe States
Sound: Alex MacCaull, Chris Pauley
Game Engine: Mike McGraw
Menu/Credits: Alex MacCaull

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Best in moustache animations - A gentleman's response to a most capricious slight

Alex Choiniere
Galen Conroy
Vincent Fellows
Devin Horsman
Joseph Howse
Ian Johnston
Kyle Larkin
Jessica McGrath

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Best in carpet physics - Jolly-Ba-Ba and the Show-bot Invasion

Dave MacCulloch
Dave O'Connell
Chris Viollette

Art & Animation
Dave MacCulloch

Developed by:
Stephen Brown

Win/Mac Download

Best in custom engines - Epic Lander

Chris Adams (Lithium): Code, Game Design, Art

Christopher Brown (Zamaster) (Not at the game jam): Music

Fabien Bergeron : Sound FX

Robert Drisdelle: Sound FX

Stephen Brown (Stevebro): Art

Windows Download

Best in root vegetables - Beet Jam

Paul Pettipas
Johnathan Munroe
harrison clarke
Craig Gidney

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Best in abundant motion capture - Minstrel

"Team Coyote"
Thomas Hoy (Music)
Gino Collins (modelling)
Peter Schnare (writing/voices)
Chris (modelling/rigging)
Elliot (animation)
Petar Markovich (programming/voices)

Youtube video

Best in geolocation - Awesome Tower

Developers - Bill Wilson, Connor Bell, Jesse Rusak, Gavin Anderegg, John Arnold
Artists - Craig Coady, Jon Eisener
Music/Sound - Mitchell Pineo

Coming soon in app store

Best in coyotes - Gloooom

Brad Allen
Eric Bergstrome
Stephen Elkins
Melanie Genereux
Dan Helle
Sam Cohen-Smith
Steve Vermeulen

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